Ktm 690 throttle calibration

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KTM 690 Duke R issues

Throttle Position Sensor For all related problems. I have the repair manual, but there's a noticeable lack of any relevant technical information so I'm hoping someone here could help. Does anyone have any idea of the max.

The TPS is on the throttle body and indicates the position of the butterflies. If you want to set that correctly in a PCV as you should there is only one way of doing this and that's on a dyno. The butterflies only fully open when the bike is loaded e.

Blipping the throttle while not riding or applying the right handle while engine not running doesn't open the flies fully. The throttle is full fly by wire and the ecu decides to open it or not regardless of the right handle being turned.

The right handle btw is not a resistor but a hall effect sensor if I'm not mistaken. If you really desperate I can hook up my PCV to the computer and give you mine fully open and fully closed voltage readings, but different bike probably slightly different readings.

If you don't do anything stupid when young, you have nothing to smile about when old! On the top it says: Technical SDR!!! The and are different bud! See my explanation! Anyone any info on this? I'm assuming you have the same wiring diagrams as me - from the rear of the repair manual Art.

I can make half an hour to take some measurements for you if it helps any? List them out in as much detail as you can and I'll have a look tomorrow. All sensible and logical. I've just received the switch and the wire colours are completely different.Page of Go. Page 64 - Compression damping of the shock absorbe Page 65 - Adjusting the high-speed compression dam Page 66 - Adjusting the rebound damping of the sho Page 71 - Taking the motorcycle off of the rear wh Page 72 - Taking the motorcycle off of the front w Page 73 - Cleaning the dust boots of the fork legs Page 74 - Removing the fork protector Page 75 - Installing the fork protector Page 76 - Mounting the seat Page 77 - Installing the air filter Page 78 - Checking the chain for dirt Page 79 - Cleaning the chain Page 80 - Checking the chain tension Page 81 - Adjusting the chain tension Page 82 - Check the chain, rear sprocket, engine s Page 93 - Adjusting the basic position of the foot Page Page - Removing the headlight mask with the hea Page Page - Installing the headlight mask with the h Quick Links.

Table of Contents. Page 3 KTM accepts no liability for delivery options, deviations from illustrations and descriptions, as well as misprints and other errors. Page 9: Means Of Representation All work marked with this symbol requires specialist knowledge and technical understanding. In the interest of your own safety, have these jobs performed by an authorized KTM workshop. There, your motorcycle will be optimally cared for by specially trained experts using the specialist tools required.

Info The motorcycle is only authorized for operation on public roads in the homologated version.

Ktm 690 Enduro R Map Switch

Warning Identifies a danger that is likely to lead to fatal or serious injury if the appropriate measures are not taken. Caution Identifies a danger that may lead to minor injuries if the appropriate measures are not taken.

Page Safe Operation Only operate the vehicle when it is in perfect technical condition, in accordance with its intended use, and in a safe and environmentally compatible manner.Resolve popping, hard starting, stumbling and flameouts while improving throttle response, by fine tuning your TPS Sensor.

Free Shipping Worldwide! The Pigtail works on both throttle bodies as-is, only the Pro Powered tool requires this extra adapter. Model 1.

Model 2. Model 3. Model 4. Q: Can I talk to other customers to ask about their experiences with this tool? A: Yes please do! Click here to join the discussion on the ThumperTalk. Q: Why is adjusting my TPS necessary?

A: To improve performance! Smoother running, reduce or eliminate flame outs, easier starting and better throttle response.

Throttle Tamer for KTM, Husaberg, Husqvarna by G2 Ergo

Q: Why does this work? A: This works for 2 reasons. First, due to manufacturing tolerances, all throttle bodies are not absolutely identical.

Some let through slightly more air than others, and adjusting the TPS voltage allows you to find the value that gives you the best result for your specific throttle body. Second, some models such as the KTM EXC models come with excessively lean fuel maps that can lead to misfiring, stumbling and flame outs at small throttle openings.

Raising the TPS voltage slightly increases fueling resulting in reduced flame outs and a significant improvement in smoothness and performance, especially at small throttle openings. Q: Is this really as simple as it sounds? A: Yes, TPS adjustments are very simple!

ktm 690 throttle calibration

Simply increase the voltage. If it's better, increase another. Continue as long as you see improvement. If you do not see an improvement, go back. You should find your perfect setting very quickly. Q: How are these shipped? A: US Mail, with tracking. Tracking number will show in your PayPal account. Q: How long does it take to be delivered? A: West coast USA orders usually arrive in days. East coast USA orders usually arrive in days. International orders vary by country.

Most international orders are delivered in weeks. South Africa takes several weeks. Q: What models does it work on? A: Any engine that has a TPS plug matching one of the pictures above. Compare your TPS plug to the pictures, and whichever model matches your plug is the model that you need. Contact us if you have any questions.This was an impression ride since we had limited time with the machine. What we thought was nothing more than Bold New Graphics that proved to be much more. The R features a switchable ABS system, 67 horsepower, torque that appeals to the off-roader and superb fuel economy.

The model runs on the same basic platform that KTM has used for several years: an LC4, single-cylinder engine, chrome-moly trellis frame, and WP suspension with 10 inches of travel on both ends.

Over the years, KTM has made small changes here and there but nothing major. The motor upgrades and ride-by-wire throttle were the first things we noticed when comparing it to the prior model. The throttle has a very smooth twist in both directions.

With a cable hooked to a slide or butterfly, you feel the cable pull at the grip—not so with the electric throttle. The motor feels much smoother in its delivery, and more power is available across the entire range. With the stock gearing, the motor was loping along at rpm at an indicated 55 mph in sixth gear.

Grab a handful of throttle and the bike accelerates rapidly, which is impressive for a single. KTM claims the bike pumps out 67 horsepower, which is 20—30 horsepower more than the Japanese and German offerings in this class. All of that horsepower is great for those hooligan moments on the pavement but can be a real handful in the dirt.

These tires really helped the bike perform in its natural element—off-road exploration. A smooth throttle hand is mandatory for any control in the dirt. KTM has three different maps available: normal the main setting we usedmild and one specifically for bad, low-grade fuel. Even after repeated passes in a technical singletrack section for photos, the clutch never gave any hint of giving up—impressive!

Having loads of low-end grunt that flowed seamlessly and immediately out of the machine helped keep our left hand from cramping from over use. The fuel-injection mapping is a little on the lean side due to EPA requirements. When the motor was warm, it took a couple stabs of the start button to get things fired back up again.

How soon we forget about kick-starters and carburetors. The WP upside-down fork has been updated using an open-bath design with single-side function. Compression damping is controlled by the adjuster on the top of one fork leg, while the other leg is in charge of rebound damping.

There are 10 inches of very cushy travel at both ends. For highway and dirt two-track exploration, the fork and shock work in a balanced and planted fashion and keep things on the plush side. If we get a hold of a Enduro for a long-term test, we know several suspension specialists who would be able to do amazing things for this bike.

Even with too-soft suspension settings, the KTM is still percent better than any of its competitors. Handling is another strong point on the when venturing out on those off-road treks. On hard-packed singletrack, the bike worked just like the EXC we had along on the test.

Sand was the only thing that reminded us we were on a plus-sized dirt bike.Notify me when this product is available: Add me to the store mailing list.

KTM 690 SMC R EU Owner's Manual

Great cable! Thank you.

ktm 690 throttle calibration

I ordered throttle cables that I needed urgently for a trip and Ktm twins dispatched them via expedited shipping to get them to me ASAP with no additional cost. Fantastic communication and very customer focused - both very rare traits in this industry.

ktm 690 throttle calibration

I highly recommend Ktm twins. Motion Pro throttle cables are supplied dry without lubricant and must be lubricated with Cable Lube prior to use. All control cables require regular maintenance and lubrication. Improper cable maintenance will lead to premature cable failure. KTM Add to Cart.

Customer Reviews 4. Customer Photos. Reviews Questions. Title of Review. How was your overall experience? Thank you for submitting a review! Your input is very much appreciated. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! Facebook Twitter. Clear filter. Was this review helpful?To off-road riders, the is an adventure bike.

Yours truly felt that was entirely too long and with the host of upgrades for the model year, there was no time like the present to jump on the KTM Enduro R to see what this newly revised travel enduro is capable of. Blasting out of the desert into higher elevation. The night before I planned to set off, I arrived at my first issue. After compiling camping gear and other essentials, I realized neither of the two universal luggage options I had were going to work on the Enduro R; there is simply nowhere to strap anything to the tail of the motorcycle.

Not to mention the 3. I opted to go the minimalist route — not that I had a choice — and packed my Kriega R25 to the max and would simply deal with carrying a backpack. Not a big deal. Photo by Kiyoji Whitener. The ride-by-wire throttle and the inclusion of an IMU combine to allow the addition of two ride modes as well as lean sensitive traction control and ABS to the Ride mode one, the street setting, delivers smooth throttle response with cornering-sensitive traction control keeping wheel spin and wheelies to a minimum.

Ride mode two is the off-road setting with more aggressive throttle response and offroad traction control allowing rear wheel spin up to a certain degree plus lofting the front wheel. An accessory dongle can also be purchased to enable off-road ABS which disconnects the system from the rear wheel and uses a slightly less intrusive algorithm for the front. The latest LC4 Single is a thoroughly modern engine with dual counterbalancers, IMU-based electronics, and dual-spark ignition to ensure efficiency.

Major service intervals come around every 6, miles. The droning freeway miles up to Kennedy Meadows were easily managed by the updated LC4 engine.

ktm 690 throttle calibration

Cruising at freeway speeds for hours on end is an easy task that leaves more than enough power and torque in reserve to pull away from cars when needed well into triple-digit speeds.

KTM claims 74 horses and 54 lb-ft of torque from the Enduro R. With fuel mileage consistently delivering around 55 mpg, in theory, that puts estimated range at nearly miles from the 3. An aftermarket seat would be first on the upgrade list for me with the After a stop at the bottom of 9 Mile Canyon Road my photographer and I ascended into the mountains thoroughly stoked to get off of the scorching valley floor, away from straight roads, and eventually onto the dirt.

The smooth and powerful torque delivery on twisty roads is addictive. The motor pulls hard all the way through the rev-range which makes blasting out of corners a thrilling experience.

Thrilling until you need to shift. Upshifts required an enormous amount of pressure regardless of rpm while downshifts were only slightly easier.

The moment the rubber of the inch Conti TKC80 touched the dirt parking lot, horrible sounds began emanating from the right side of the motor, accompanied by a near total loss of pressure at the clutch lever.

After some deliberation, including a call to KTM and Evans, it was decided that we would need to be rescued. I had to concede. I had made it the entire way up, miles of sitting on that torture rack of a seat only to have my off-road aspirations dashed before they could begin. I knew the Enduro R would be more fun off-road than on, but I was willing to pound out the miles of pavement for you, the reader, rather than trucking the bike to the trails. Three hours later, dejected and much less dirty than I had hoped to be at that point, I waited as Evans rolled up in his truck, we loaded the into the back, and headed home.

Always a sad sight. Within a week of KTM having the bike they fixed the issue and returned the motorcycle to us in working order. Turns out the center bolt holding the clutch assembly together had worked its way loose, and the entire clutch pack was spinning against the inside of the clutch cover.

After being assured the correct torque spec had been used and maybe even a dash of Loctite, I set a date to get the off the beaten path as soon as possible, and as I had expected, I enjoyed it more off-road.

Keeping the suspension settings in the middle of the road worked well for me with the ride ranging from loose and embedded rock to sand. The adjustability is there though for riders of all skill levels across varying terrain. Once I was able to get the in the dirt, some of the other changes for began to show just how capable and compliant the big Thumper could be.

The 48 mm fork delivers nearly 10 inches of travel and is adjustable for preload as well as compression and rebound with more than thirty clicks of adjustment available without tools for each.Discussion in ' Thumpers ' started by El PonkinNov 2, Log in or Join.

Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. El PonkinNov 2, Joined: Oct 21, Oddometer: 3, Location: Brisbane. Chapter 0 - Introduction My attempt here is to produce an idiots guide basically written by an idiot.

Much of the sensor information and preventative measures are however still valid for the later models. I have read numerous forums and threads to gather this info and my attempt here is to collate the information into one place in a logical sequence to save you the effort of searching, like I had too. I am not claiming to be an expert I am just acting as a conduit to gather the knowledge of multiple forums and posts into one place.

Some information will be incomplete and some may be incorrect, the idea is I post it up and people can PM me corrections or additional information so it builds into a concise and accurate guide. If you have questions you can post them up, but make sure the answer is NOT already covered in the guide first and then the collective can come up with the answer and I can add it to the guide.

Disclaimer Usual disclaimer in that any work you do on your own bike is at your own risk and if you are unsure you should be going to a dealer.

If your bike is in warranty anything you do here will void your warranty. This guide is to help those who are mechanically efficient and computer literate who just want the facts in one place, the guide will not make you an engineer overnight. Don't mess with your bike unless you are completely confident you know what you are doing and have fully researched the subject.

Resources These are the major sources for the information I have produced. This EFI system is different in a number of ways than on most - if not all - other bikes. It uses a 46mm single valve throttle body with two ECUs. The two cables from the throttle grip hook up to the throttle valve but the ECU has the ability to 'take over' if needed. Closing the throttle valve is 'hard wired' for safety reasons. Under normal conditions the throttle valve will follow the commands from the rider but if the throttle commands get outside the working parameters of the engine, the ECU will take over controlling the throttle valve in a way that the engine will keep performing to its optimum.

For instance; whacking the throttle wide open in a split second at RPM in 5th gear will normally stall the engine. This is when the throttle ECU takes over and opens the throttle as quickly as the engine will allow without stalling, a neat and sophisticated system that works really well. The fact that you never feel the ECU taking over when riding a kind of shows how good it works. A map file for the fuelling This has led to problems and confusion with both dealers and owners.

The two parts of a fuel map belong together and are NOT interchangeable with other fuel maps. When updating or changing the fuel map it is critical that both files are downloaded to the bikes' ECUs. EPT map: Determines the amount of throttle body opening relative to handlebar throttle input. Adjustment of this fly-by-wire throttle permits dramatic changes in response of the engine to throttle input.

This system is what causes a lot of the twitchiness in the throttle. FI map: Determines the amount of fuel delivered depending on engine load, RPM and throttle body input. Later we will use a program called TuneECU to access these maps, the program allows us to access certain data from these maps but we do not see all of the functions.

You will see that the EPT map takes longer to read than the FI map even though it appears to do less in the way of mapping tables and that is because there are other built in functions that TuneECU will not let us access. The modern engine management systems have monitoring circuits to make sure certain parameters are not exceeded and the result can be a "fuel-cut" signal being sent from the ECU, unfortunately there is very little information available about the effects of this and what parameters are monitored.

The naming convention for map files indicates the year grouping that the map is applicable to, in this example the 11 indicates applicable to bikes only: KMEU 11 BFIMap.

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