101f01 bmw n55

Turbos are great. This N55 turbo upgrade guide will dig into the intricacies of upgrading your N55 turbo and help you decide whether stage 1, 2 or 3 is right for you and your power goals. Turbo upgrades for the N55 fall into three stages, with stage 3 generating the most horsepower gains, which of course also comes with a bigger price tag.

You might as well maximize your stock turbo power before you go chasing for more. This list below will get you to FBO full bolt-on and should get you in the whp range. As you start making more power, you need parts that can handle and deliver that power. Here is everything that is a must-have for upgrading turbos excluding anything that will come in the turbo kit :.

You can add E85 to this list if you want to be sitting around whp on your stock setup. As you get more aggressive with your N55 horsepower goals, you will need to start thinking about things such as fuel pumps, meth kits, port injection, etc.

Before I get chopped, I will say that you do not need to upgrade your intercooler or exhaust for any of these turbos upgrades. The N55 turbo stage 1 setup is essentially a slightly modified stock turbo. The larger wheel allows the engine to hold the boost until approx. Overall, a stage 1 upgrade is a great option if you blow your stock turbo and want a slight upgrade without any added headache tuning, part upgrades, etc.

If you are a more serious tuner and looking to break the whp mark by a good margin, stage 2 is likely the best option for you. The install cost of upgrading turbos warrants doing it right the first time! Stage 2 options are where the serious tuners should start. Stage 2 systems will put you in the whp ballpark. Engine reliability obviously decreases as you push the upper range of the setup, but is also highly dependent on your tune and other factors.

We will cover reliability in more depth a bit further down! Stage 2 is the best option for N55 owners who are serious about tuning, want more than whp, and are willing to spend a pretty penny. Inlets and Outlets Upgraded inlets and outlets: these are required depending on manufacturer and some kits may include them. Fuel Supply Upgrades To reach the full power potential of a stage 2 turbo you will need additional fueling.

Your two options here are a meth kit or port injection. Fuel Upgrades In addition to needing some fuel supply upgrades, you will also need some actual fuel upgrades.

Running high levels of boost and generating high power levels will require…. Without fuel and fuel delivery upgrades, on 93 octane pump gas, you can expect to run around the whp range. There are 3 reputable companies that offer stage 2 setups: Pure, Vargas, and Steam Turbochargers.Hello, i own a bmw i n55, AT, recently i replaced the sparkplugs and one coil.

Since then i have the code Pf. When start up the car in the morning the code sometimes is gone, and comes back a couple of hours later. What would be the reason for that? My car has 95k miles. My car has an automatic transmission and M Package No signs of engine malfunction whatsoever, just the annoying "check engine" light.

This code indicates a manifold absolute pressure to throttle valve angle discrepancy. This means that there is some confusion between the mass airflow sensorthe throttle position sensorand the manifold absolute pressure sensor.

It is possible that one of these sensors could be failing. It is also possible that there could be an issue with the throttle body itself. I would recommend having a check engine light is on inspection performed to determine the exact cause of this issue.

Consider YourMechanic as these services can be completed at your home or office. Q: Hello, i own a bmw i n55, AT, recently i replaced the sparkplugs and one coil. When start up asked by Software L. Andrew Quinn Automotive Mechanic. Thank Andrew. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful? Recommended Services. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified.

Please see our terms of service for more details.For those in the market looking to purchase a BMW i, i, or i one important aspect to consider is reliability. In this post, we intend to highlight the most common problems with the N55 platform; please keep in mind — this is not an exhaustive list of every single potential problem.

All cars and engines will have problems at some point. Eventually, the rubber gasket begins to crack apart, resulting in oil leaks and potential build-up of oil in your engine. Due to the relatively high operating temperatures of the N55 the valve cover develops similar issues. The valve cover is made of plastic and the high temperatures cause the valve cover to potentially develop cracks down the road. This is a less common issue than the valve cover gasket, and it will typically last closer tomiles though this may vary significantly.

However, due to the excessive labor required to access the valve cover gasket, it is highly recommended you replace the valve cover as well. Whenever you remove the valve cover you should always replace the valve cover gasket. A PCV valve uses the engine vacuum to pull any blow-by gases out of the crankcase, and is integrated into the valve cover. Due to the fact you must remove the valve cover and gasket to access the PCV valve you may want to consider replacing your valve cover, and as always, the valve cover gasket should be replaced.

As your valve cover, gasket, and PCV valve are all in the same area, if any one needs repair, it is never a bad idea to replace all three as preventative maintenance. The parts are relatively inexpensive compared to the labor required, and may prevent running into additional issues in the near future.

101f01 bmw n55

Whenever the valve cover is removed you should always replace the valve cover gasket, even if it appears to be in good condition. This subject is up for debate. However, the oil may be leaking onto belts or engine and transmission mounts. Over-time this may cause these parts to wear down prematurely and lead to additional expenses. My i currently has k miles, and the valve cover gasket began leaking around 80k miles.

Up until roughly 95, miles it was a relatively minor leak that was not dripping oil onto any engine parts, however, it has recently become worse. With that being said, replacing the valve cover, gasket, and PCV valve is next on my list of things to repair. DIY Difficulty: Intermediate. This is not a complex DIY, but it does require removing a lot of parts to access.

Problems with water pumps do not only affect the N55, but are a widespread problem amongst most BWM engines. BMW uses electric pumps that are driven by a composite impeller, which do not have a very long lifespan. It is important to note — the thermostat is also a common point of failure. Due to the excessive labor to replace a water pump it is recommended you replace the thermostat along with the pump.

To reference our experiences with the N54 same water pump our i is on its third water pump; the original pump failed at 52k miles, and the second pump at 84k miles. The longevity of these BMW water pumps may vary significantly, with failures commonly cited as early as k miles while others may last more thanmiles.

On average, if your original pump and thermostat last untilmiles they are likely soon on their way out. BMW water pumps typically do not show any symptoms before failure, but rather, fail quite suddenly. If the pump is slowly failing electrically, this can simply be tested by examining the coolant flow in the cooling system; a failing pump will not flow coolant at the intended pressure.

The following signs may indicate your N55 water pump has failed.


Due to the rapid engine over-heating caused by a water pump failure it is important the water pump is replaced immediately, otherwise the car should not be driven.BMW is no stranger to the turbocharged engine. From their early introduction of turbocharged road cars to current LMP cars, BMW has proven their forced induction engine variants in the hands of commuters and top-performing racing drivers.

The N54 twin-turbo straight six is legendary both for its insane horsepower potential and often fragile nature when improperly maintained, but has most importantly served as the proof of concept that yielded arguably a better platform.

Now sporting a single twin-scroll turbo fed by two exhaust runners, the N55 and S55 engines used in the M3, M4, M2, Mi, and myriad other performance-oriented BMWs has given drivers a more livable modern straight-six turbo. Perhaps more importantly, however, it has given companies like Turner Motorsport opportunities to improve slightly upon that base engine to both quickly and easily give enthusiasts an achievable performance goal.

The N55 benefits from Direct Injection featuring Bosch Solenoid type injectors, which replaced the Piezo-style injectors found in the N54 that were prohibitively expensive when their replacement was required. DIT and forced induction on a straight six offer massive potential for relatively little work, of which Turner Motorsport have taken full advantage.

Noticeable under the hood of our M2 test car, the new Turner Motorsport Carbon Fiber Enclosed Intake is a choice first-step in adding power and marginally improving the underhood appearance for your Npowered BMW.

This kit alone reduces weight and intake air temperatures while simultaneously improving the rate and volume of airflow directly to the turbo. Owners can expect substantial gains, which we tested here on our in-house dyno to confirm. While this may not seem like drastic improvements, the already snappy throttle response characteristic of the N55 is noticeably more responsive and the additional WHP can be felt as the engine reaches peak boost.

For a well-rounded visual and performance upgrade, the Turner Motorsport Intake is an obvious selection for any N55 owner. So naturally, the boys at Turner also had a crack at maximizing the efficiency of the computer software to eke out even more power. Paired with the intake, this software is enough to completely change the driving characteristics of your Npowered BMW thanks to the drastic improvements to power, responsiveness, sound, and acceleration.

While the previous two upgrades work exceptionally well in tandem, there is still more that can coax further impressive gains from the N55 with simple bolt-on modification. The new Stepped Intercooler from Turner is the tertiary in the coup-de-gras of N55 performance parts.

The stepped intercooler drops intake temperatures by 45 degrees F and outlet temperatures by up to degrees with the Turner Motorsport outlet installed, making this an impressive piece of artillery in the fight against performance-robbing heat.

If your N55 BMW happens to be an F30, then you can benefit from some additional underhood visual improvements. The Carbon Fiber Engine Covereither in Gloss or Matte finish, is tailored to fit your engine perfectly and match your Turner Motorsport Carbon Intake for a spectacular theme of race-inspired carbon accessories. Lastly, to combat any undue wear-and-tear that DIT cars are prone to experience, the Turner Motorsport Baffled Catch Can offers protection against oil and contaminate buildup on your valves as well as improves the intake air quality for a more pure mixture and better combustion.

Every available horsepower, reliably accessible, with minimal risks, is what makes the Catch Can our final performance upgrade from Turner for your Npowered BMW.

Top 5 Performance Upgrades for your N55 BMW from Turner Motorsport

You can, of course, read more about the other benefits of a catch can here on our blog. With up to more horsepowers, stylish visual improvements to the engine bay, and a preventative measure for carbon buildup in place, your Npowered BMW is well on the way to being a formidable weapon on the street or track.

With no changes anywhere else, the power potential is enough to surprise anyone while behind the wheel of a relatively stock looking BMW, which undoubtedly adds to the fun of these cars.

Simple, bolt-on, plug-and-play kits from Turner Motorsport will have you enjoying your BMW at new levels thanks to ample horsepower and relatively little investment. Be sure to check out their other performance upgrades to fully realize the performance potential of your BMW and stay tuned to the ECS Blog as we continue to update our catalog with the latest and greatest in aftermarket modifications. Previous Next.Jon Beck. View My Garage. X5 35i with K mileage, just got car and have no service history.

Very rough idle--Code 28A0 Throttle valve opening angle-intake pipe absolute pressure, comparision pressure too high. Just replaced a filthy air filter-looks like original, cleaned charge pipe an throttle body. I did reconnect vacuum to back of TB with new gasket and electrical connector. I understand what the computer is trying to compare, just not sure what else to check?? I checked all vacuum lines, pressure switchs, and MAF sensors.

Nothing looks out of place. The Plugs and coil look original, which i will replace. I also found a two pin connector directly below Throttle Body that isn't connected to anything?

Pic attached. Attached Thumbnails. Last edited by Jon Beck; at AM.


Remove Advertisements. Originally Posted by Jon Beck. Hi, Yes we finally figured it out after taking the car to 2 bmw specialty shops and finally a bmw dealer. BMW finally fiugred out the problem after we tested every engine sensor, fuel system, etc. They had to open a special case file with BMW corporate to finally get to the root of the problem. The Camshaft Bearing caps were actually starting to fail!! The sides of the caps were actually expanding on the sides and starting to distort, which would result in complete engine failure in time.

We think that the X5 had a lack of oil changes between K miles, which can cause the oil viscosity to thin out causing the premature wear of each bearing cap. We removed two intake camshaft caps and exaimed them closely to see the wear and expansion on the sides. Not sure how bmw figured this out but they were correct in the diagnosis.

101f01 bmw n55

One of the specialty repair shops we went to also told us the motor was going to detonate and was going to fail completely. I guess they have seen this before. If you have checked all of main culprets like the, throttle body, MAP sensors, air pressure sensors, fuel, etc.

I understand the code it was throwing and the difference between air pressure readings, just never really understood how rod caps can cause this??? Hope this helps, sorry for any bad news but thats what happed to us. Oh boy, that is awful. Sad that cars get abused and receive no maintenancethen get dumped onto the next guy. Originally Posted by Nynyny. How much did they give you for your car? I am in the same position with my X5 with 85K miles. Hey guys, I think I posted my previous question about how you resolved this issue on the wrong thread.

I see you resolved the issue by selling the car. I am curious when you say your engine was "going to detonate" do you mean it was going to start to experience detonation?

Or it was literally going to explode lol?Enter your email address below and instructions to reset your password will be emailed to you. Add to Wish List Add:. Choose a wish list to add product to:. Add Cancel. The product has been added to your wish list. Thank you! Continue Shopping.


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My Account Sign In. BMW 2 Series.

BMW N55 Turbo Upgrade Options & Setup Guide

BMW 3 Series. BMW 4 Series.

101f01 bmw n55

BMW 5 Series. BMW 6 Series. BMW 7 Series. BMW 8 Series. BMW Classics. BMW X Series. BMW Z Series. BMW i Series. Narrow Results By Brand. Narrow Results Category. M Code Regular Production Engines. N Code Regular Production Engines. Beginning in the earlys, BMW revised their naming strategy to get more info out of each character and make it easier to understand updates and revisions.

The new BMW engine designs were ground-up fresh designs with groundbreaking advancements in materials and technology.BMW continues to show that it sets the bar for true driving performance! View My Garage. Hey everyone! I didn't know what code it was throwing but after two weeks of diagnostics, and many new parts with no solution, the CEL went away after they replaced the mass airflow sensor, so I assume it may have been the same code as now.

Last edited by MuffinMan91; at PM. Remove Advertisements. So last time I posted about this I brought my car to the dealer and they ended up changing the entire throttle body and said this will for sure fix the issue.

Two-ish months later and I'm getting the same code again My warranty expired end of last month but I assume that with bmw two year warranty on repairs, this will still be covered. I hope? Generally yes- Ask to speak with the Dealer GM not the service manager if they balk. BMW generally will authorize a goodwill a repair like this under the circumstances- I've gotten far more than that under CPOnot regular warranty. Technology E92 i. Space Grey. Sport E85 M Roadster. Alpine White. Sapphire Black.

Premium E39 i. Titanium Grey. Premium E34 i. RIP E28 German Specs. Light Blue. Originally Posted by MuffinMan Papa Smurf. Hi, my 1st post here but not the 1st problem We just got the PF code and trying to figure out how to get it resolved on a X3 3.

Originally Posted by Papa Smurf. Al Kazaz. One measures a volume of air per unit of time and the other pressure. One is located before the throttle body and the other in the intake manifold. On a NA 6, the MAP sensor is on top of the intake manifold under the cowl tray or whatever it is called that holds the cabin micro filter.

The error description sounds logical. If I open the throttle all the way, I would expect the manifold vacuum pressure to drop which I think means absolute pressure will rise. If it doesn't, then there is a problem of some sort.

Note that the error description is the airflow calculated by the throttle angle, not the actual measured airflow.

101f01 bmw n55

Also note that, at least with the NA engines, there is only one bank of air intake and only one MAP sensor. MAP sensors are relatively cheap. MAF sensors are not! Last edited by Al Kazaz; at AM. OMFG I hope this is not the case!

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